Main Line Allergy, LLP

Pediatric & Adult Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology

  • Ardmore
  • 610–642–1643
  • King of Prussia
  • 610–768–9323
  • Willow Grove
  • 215–657–8150

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Office Hour Change Notices

All offices:


- Mon 5/29 (Memorial Day)

-Fri 6/23 (conference)

-Tues 7/4 (Independence Day)

-Mon 9/4 (Labor Day)

Ardmore Office

-Mon 5/29, closed

-Wed 6/14, shots 3-7:30pm (no a.m./early afternoon hours)

-Thur 6/22, shots 9-11:30a, 1-3:30pm

-Fri 6/23, closed

-Mon 7/3, closed

-Tues 7/4, closed

-Wed 7/12, shots 9-11:30a, 1-4:30pm

-Wed 7/19, shots 9-11:30a, 1-4:30pm

-Mon 8/28, shots 9-11:30a, 1-4:30pm

-Mon 9/4, closed


King of Prussia Office

-Wed 5/3/17, shots 9a-12:30p (no afternoon hours)

-Mon 5/29, closed

-Tues 5/30, office closed

-Wed 5/31, shots 9a-12:30p (no afternoon hours)

-Thur 6/22, shots 9a-12:30p (no afternoon hours)

-Fri 6/23, closed

-Mon 7/3, office closed

-Tues 7/4, closed

-Wed 7/5, shots 9a-12:30p (no afternoon hours)

-Mon 9/4, closed

Willow Grove Office

-Mon 5/29, closed

-Mon 6/19, closed

-Thur 6/22, shots 9-11:30a (no pm shots)

-Fri 6/23, closed

-Tues 7/4, closed

-Mon 9/4, closed


Urgent After-hours Calls

For established/current patients who have urgent issues when our office is closed, please call the ARDMORE office 610-642-1643. Request our answering service to page the on-call physician to speak directly to one of our doctors. Please disable caller ID block so the doctor can successfully return your call.


Our Team of Specialists

  • Sharon K. SweinbergSharon K. Sweinberg, M.D.
  • Jack M. BeckerJack M. Becker, M.D.
  • A. Geoffrey DiDarioA. Geoffrey DiDario, M.D.
  • Janet L. Beausoleil, M.D.Janet L. Beausoleil, M.D.

About Main Line Allergy, LLP


Click HERE for information about the recent EPIPEN RECALL

ATTENTION Stinging Insect Allergy Shot Patients:

Due to a manufacturing shortfall of certain stinging insect venoms, there is a nationwide shortage of stinging insect vaccine.  If you receive allergy shots for stinging insects, please call the office prior to your next scheduled injection for further information, and possible adjustment to your injection schedule.

Important message to our ALLERGY SHOT PATIENTS: Newly proposed governmental requirements may dramatically limit access to your allergy shots, or may cause you to have to stop your allergy injections altogether -- please click here to find out more information and how you can help to prevent this from happening.

Our Physicians...

Main Line Allergy, LLP, is a private practice specializing in allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology. We have extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of all aspects of these conditions, and have been providing care for pediatric and adult patients on the Main Line and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Our physicians are expert in the medical treatment of these disorders including:

  • Immunotherapy vaccinations (allergy shots) for seasonal and perennial allergies
  • diagnosis and treatment of environmental and sports-induced asthma
  • Antibody replacement therapy for immune system disorders/deficiency

We employ a variety of specialized on-site diagnostic testing modalities including:

  • Lung function (breathing) testing and other specialized asthma tests
  • Skin testing (needle-free for younger children) for environmental (hayfever), food, stinging insect, medication, and vaccine allergies
  • Oral ingestion testing for various food and medication allergies

Our physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care that has come to be known as the standard at our practice, in a caring and warm private office setting. We believe in a patient-oriented approach to diagnosis and continuing care and strive to achieve this through close collaboration with our patients and their families, with an emphasis on patient education. Our physicians are available for routine and emergent consultation appointments for new patients Monday through Friday during office hours, and available to our current patients for urgent issues on-call after hours, weekends, and all holidays 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Main Line Allergy currently has three offices located in Ardmore, King of Prussia, and Willow Grove. All of our physicians are board-certified to care for children and adults by both the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, and the American Board of Pediatrics, and several have won awards for their outstanding care and expertise in our field. We participate in all major insurance plans and currently accept new patients from infancy through 50 years old.